The Legend

“Wherever we want to go, we’ll go.”
A legend has been passed throughout generations about a mighty pirate who gave his life for a single quest to find the hidden spices that would bring him immortality! His name was Captain Jack the Brownbeard, a.k.a. Degen Jack. In the long-forgotten 1633, Captain Degen Jack gathered his crew and set sails South, leading him and his crewmates towards the island of Teroktikki. Sailing thru dangerous waters with the legendary ship "Siren's kiss," Jack believed he would find the missing pieces of the map that would lead him to the cave where he would be able to harvest the spices. The legend says that once they moored and went deep into the forests of Teroktikki, Pajeet the Witch cursed them, and they never even managed to reach the first piece of the map.
Centuries after, the burden of that unfinished quest lays on our shoulders to gather a crew that will dedicate their lives in the name of Captain Jack the Brownbeard, to find all missing pieces of the map, reach out the hidden cave and harvest the spices, that will give us immortality and untrap the souls of the "Siren's kiss" crew.